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Reminisce, Mid Valley

We were craving for Chinese food and decided to try at this restaurant in Mid Valley. The butter sauce pork belly with rice at Reminisce was recommended by a few of my friends and therefore, we decided to try it. Boy, it was good! The butter sauce was thick and creamy, and the pork belly […]

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20 Facts About Me!

Hello! I feel like sharing a few facts about me since I have some free time 😆 hehe..  1. Mix of Chinese (dad) and Portuguese (mom). Some Thai and Japanese too.  2. Did not watch TV in almost a year!  3. I have 8 tattoos. 4. I am a street smart kinda person. 5. When […]

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NTV7 Golden Awards

Harlo! Harlo! I am back with a new blog post! I am so thankful to be given the opportunity to attend the NTV7 Golden Awards at Setia City Convention Centre on 20th May 2017 and also to do a makeover for one of our veteran actress, the lovely Louisa Chong! Note : Most of the […]

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Coffee with Louisa Chong

I am excited to share this news with yall. Yesterday, I met one of our veteran actress, Louisa Chong for coffee in Bangsar. If you dont know her, I tak tau nak cakap apa.. 😛 We spoke for about 2 hours about life. She also shared about how she took care of her husband who […]

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Haircut and Desserts

I finally got myself a haircut and a new hair color today! It’s been ages since I had super short hair (shoulder length hahaha). It cost me RM240 which is pretty reasonable and I like it! I’m not sure what type of Red this is. I think it’s Mahogany. I am super satisfied with the […]

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Hey, peeps! There is this new company called Naiise Malaysia where they discover true Malaysian design gems and making them accessible to you! Guess what? They are having a giveaway to celebrate the prelaunch of Naiise Malaysia, yo! So what are you waiting for? Sign up now on their website to stand a chance to […]

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