Haircut and Desserts

I finally got myself a haircut and a new hair color today! It’s been ages since I had super short hair (shoulder length hahaha). It cost me RM240 which is pretty reasonable and I like it!


I’m not sure what type of Red this is. I think it’s Mahogany. I am super satisfied with the color as well! If you are planning to get a makeover for your hair, you may Whatsapp Davis to set an appointment. His work is pretty decent and his salon is located in Bukit Tinggi, Klang (opposite Jusco).



Cool huh ini Snapchat filter. Anyway, after my hairdo, I went for dessert at Coffee Ink..hehe. OMG babe, the Belgian Hot Chocolate is to die for! It is so thick and yummy! Not forgetting their cakes too! We had Baileys and Mocha crepe cakes. So damn good you should try! But don’t go so late la. They close before 12am.


That’s all for today. Toodles!



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