Coffee with Louisa Chong

I am excited to share this news with yall. Yesterday, I met one of our veteran actress, Louisa Chong for coffee in Bangsar. If you dont know her, I tak tau nak cakap apa.. 😛

We spoke for about 2 hours about life. She also shared about how she took care of her husband who suffered 3 strokes. THREE! He is now able to walk and talk again ❤. I really admire her strength and determination. She could still smile despite the struggles she went through. Truly an inspiration to me! 💪💪

She then asked about myself. I told her that I studied til SPM only (I am more of a street smart..haha) and she quickly stopped me there and said to not look down on myself and asked why did I say “SPM only“. Well..sometimes I feel like the black sheep of the family cause all my cousins from my Mom’s side and sister have a Diploma / Degree and some people have also said that I will never make it in life cause I am only an SPM holder (yeah, there are lotsa “hidung tinggi” people on Earth and yes, some people have the nerve to say that to me). 

Louisa said, “even some of those with PHD have a permanent head damage”. I laughed so hard! I couldn’t agree more with her statement! =D

Last but not least, I am excited to inform that I will be doing her hair and make up this Saturday 20th May for NTV7 Golden Awards! And…. I will be attending the Awards as well! I think it’s gonna be in Mandarin / Cantonese and I can’t really understand both dialects but nevermind. It’s gonna be a fun experience! Woohooo!! 

You know what…… I was not able to join a Make Up competition organized but a top Celebrity Make Up Artist few days ago but I now have a chance to do a makeover for a celebrity. A veteran celebrity! Universe has created a moment of serendipity for me ❤

Stay tuned for more updates on the NTV7 Golden Awards this 20th May 2017! 

PS : Those who look down on me and said I am useless and stupid, you will swallow back your words one day! 😉

Much love! 


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